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Welcome to Natural Frequency!

 We create Mystical, "Scent-sational"  Miniature Pottery Jewelry that is truly   unique! (As well as other unique products!)

Natural Frequency's Miniature Pottery Jewelry & Room Diffusers are made of clay which allows the pure oils of aromatic herbs and flowers to slowly diffuse out into your own intimate environment. This technique for Aromatic Diffusion is designed into miniature pots and stylized animal figures which are inspired by native cultures from around the world. Our line of products includes one-of-a-kind pendants, earrings, pins and hand-formed room diffusers. A few grains of pottery sherd dust (and spirits) from Caloosa and Anasazi pottery sherds is worked into each of our creations. The Caloosa Indians were the first inhabitants of southwest Florida. The Anasazi, known as The Ancient Ones, lived in what we know today as the Four Corners Region of the southwest U.S. By adding the sherd dust into the clay of each piece we hope to create interest in preserving prehistoric sites located all around the world. It is also our belief that, with a better awareness of the past, people will be more conscious of how they live today. All of Natural Frequency's clay products are hand crafted by Award-Winning Artists Enilse & Ray Urbaniak (creating since 1987) and are caringly decorated, making each piece unique.

Now you can order truly one-of-a-kind pieces directly from our web site! Our new Custom Collection contains truly unique pieces directly available over the Internet.

See for yourself what it's like to experience our magical creations...
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